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Holder of a diploma in visual communication design, I have been working since 1996 as a communication consultant.

Also involved in several artistic projects, I jointly develop more personal work in my communication activities, enabling me to explore other issues related to the work of images.


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Professional experiences

From 2006 as an creative consultant.

2010-2012 in a communication agency as a consultant and creative (part time job).

2005-2006 in an interior design office as a designer in visual merchandising and graphic designer.

University Interventions

As part of a program offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences at EPFL, I acted as an expert in advertising creation. Interventions included presenting key steps in a communication campaign and organizing brainstorming around an advertisement brief. These sessions sensibilized the students to the different creative processes.


After following a coaching training in public speaking, in 2015 I launched public speaking workshops at HEIG (High School of Engineering and Management in Yverdons-les-Bains).

Cinema — awards and selections